Sanatorium “Berezovyy hay”

Gogol Street, 112
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"Myrhorodkurort" is a modern balneo-mud resort, the main therapeutic factors of which are the world-famous mineral water and therapeutic peat mud.
The sanatorium "Birch Grove" specializes in the treatment of diseases associated with metabolic disorders, thyroid gland diseases and the treatment of diabetes. The sanatorium is equipped with the most modern equipment of the best world manufacturers. The combination of own methods and world technologies, scientific developments of German and Ukrainian specialists, implementation of the unique program "School of Life with Diabetes" make the sanatorium "Birch Grove" a national level center of highly effective rehabilitation of patients with diabetes. That is why the only All-Ukrainian center for sanatorium-resort rehabilitation of diabetes patients was created here. Today, even foreign partners recognize that such a complex of state-of-the-art equipment and effective methods collected in one sanatorium does not exist even in the best European clinics.
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