Myrhorod region now

Myrhorod urban territorial community is a community in the Poltava region, known for its healing water, incredible landscapes, rich historical and cultural heritage, engraved in the works of Mykola Gogol.

Myrhorod is one of the oldest settlements on the territory of the Left Bank of Ukraine. According to legend, the city got its name because it was in it that neighboring peoples and tribes in ancient times held peace negotiations and concluded agreements.

Modern Myrhorodshchyna is a community with a unique flavor. In Myrhorod, you can find a lot of interesting things: take a walk on the suspension bridge over the Khorol River and visit the “Birch Grove” landscape park, visit the Davyd Guramishvili museum and try on national Georgian clothes.

In the center of the city of Myrhorod, PrJSC “Myrhorodkurort” is located. It is the leader of the sanatorium-resort sector of our country by all indicators. All its health centers have a higher level of accreditation. Convenient location and transport connections allow you to get here from the country’s leading industrial centers in just 2-3 hours. And the high efficiency of the health resort “Myrgorod” is well known not only in Ukraine, but also far beyond its borders and attracts here more than 30 thousand vacationers from almost 30 countries throughout the year.
On its territory, PrJSC “Myrhorodkurort” unites 4 sanatoriums of different profiles: sanatoriums “Myrhorod”, “Poltava”, “Birch Grove”, “Khorol”.

A truly unique resource of the community is the only stud farm in Poltava region with its beautiful thoroughbred horses, which is located in Dibrivka and was founded in 1888. On the territory of the plant, you can visit the museum, ride horses and taste koumiss.

The community has centers of pottery, which preserve ancient techniques of making earthenware and reflect the national flavor.

Community residents appreciate eco-farming, which not only provides quality products for consumers, but also promotes environmental and economic well-being.

To learn more about the history and architecture of the community, you can visit the Museum of Local History, located in Myrhorod, or the Palace of the Ant-Apostles, located in Khomutka. The palace is located in the middle of a landscape park, which is one of the four parks in the Poltava region that are monuments of horticultural art of national importance, where more than two hundred-year-old trees grow. And the village of Khomutets itself was entered by the Kyiv Research Institute of Monument Protection Research into the List of the most important historical villages of Ukraine and their monuments.

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