Monument to T.G. Shevchenko

Gogol Street, 126
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Taras Shevchenko visited Myrhorod Region at least five times: in the spring, summer, and fall of 1845, 1846, and 1859. While in Myrhorod, Taras Hryhorovych stayed at the house of the Cossack Korobka and at his friend P.Shershevytskyi. On the house, which was built on the site of the former hut of the Cossack Korobka, a memorial plaque was installed in honor of the stay of Veliky Kobzar in Myrhorod. Now this street bears the name of Shevchenko, and it begins with the monument to T.G. Shevchenko
The work on the construction of the monument was carried out by a group of graduate students of the Myrhorod Ceramic Technical School headed by teacher L.P. Statkevich.
The opening of the monument took place in 1971, in the year of the 110th anniversary of Kobzar's death.

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