St. Oleksandra Fedorchenko (Ukrainian), 58-G (1 hectare), Myrhorod

St. Oleksandra Fedorchenko (Ukrainian), 58-G, Myrhorod
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The plot of land is located in the northern part of the city of Myrhorod, in the protected landscape zone, near an artificial reservoir with meadows and coastal (floodplain) vegetation. The plot needs engineering and transport communications. According to the urban planning documentation, the site is located in the recreational zone of active recreation, which is intended for the organization of recreation of the population: arrangement of parks, squares, boulevards, objects of recreation, tourism, sports, for the organization of treatment.
Possible location and construction on the site:
• Solariums, aerosol solariums with shade canopies, recreation centers, attractions, water parks, rope towns, paintball clubs, rental offices, excursion bureaus;
• Administrative and economic buildings for the maintenance and care of coastal protective strips;
• Equipment for water sports;
• Sports centers with swimming pools;
• Sports grounds;
• Stadiums;
• Fields for horseback riding;
• Catering enterprises.

Cadastral number: 5310900000:50:010:0011
Area: 1.0063 ha
Form of ownership: communal
Purpose: 10.02 For the arrangement and maintenance of coastal protective strips

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