Sanatorium “Khorol”

Gogol Street, 112
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"Myrhorodkurort" is a modern balneo-mud resort, the main therapeutic factors of which are the world-famous mineral water and therapeutic peat mud.
The "Horol" sanatorium specializes in the rehabilitation and recovery of pregnant women, the treatment of diseases of the female genital organs, has a department for the treatment of parents with children and a rehabilitation department for patients after radical therapy in connection with oncological diseases. The sanatorium successfully combines the healing power of "Myrgorod" mineral water, healing mud, ozokerite, a salt room, universal possibilities of the latest treatment methods and SPA-relaxation. The sanatorium has its own treatment base, a mineral water pump and a bath room, an open-air pool, in which vacationers can take the main complex of balneological procedures.
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