Room of theses (ceramics museum) at the Myrhorod Art School named after Anatoly Kolomiyets

St. Gogol, 173/2-A
Work hours
Mon-Fri: 08:00-16:00

From the first years of operation in Myrhorod, which was then still the Gogol School, and now - the Mykola Gogol Vocational College, the teachers of this educational institution collected a unique art collection and constantly replenished it with diploma works of their graduates: decorative vases, plates, various useful ceramic objects, tableware, decorative panels, small plastic, decorations... Today, with the support of the Myrhorod City Council, three rooms have been allocated in the renovated premises of the Myrhorod Art School named after Anatoliy Kolomiyets for the presentation of masterpieces of college graduate artists of different years... Alla Kvasha conducts a tour for museum guests, who also since 1981, it has been the permanent custodian of the museum's unique exhibits of graduate theses of this no less unique educational institution.
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