Public transport

Yakova Usyka street, 7
Work hours
daily according to the schedule

Names and numbers of city routes
(The fare is UAH 10)

Route number and name

No. 1 st. O. Oksanchenko - st. Zinchashi
No. 1a st. O. Oksanchenko - children's polyclinic
No. 1k st. Svidnytskyi is a subsidiary farm of the Mirhorodkurort BPKG PJSC
No. 2 st. Svidnytskyi - str. Zinchashi
No. 3 Microdistrict Lisok - st. Svidnytskyi
No. 4 Lychanka microdistrict (Kut) - str. Tychyny - str. Gogol - str. Svidnytskyi
No. 5 subsidiary farm "Myrhorodkurort" PJSC LOZ - Naftomistechko microdistrict
No. 6 st. O. Oksanchenko - st. Yerkivska
No. 8 st. O. Oksanchenko - Stadnya microdistrict
No. 10 st. Svidnytskyi - str. Zinchashi (c/o Shisatsky St.).
No. 11 subsidiary farm "Myrhorodkurort" BPKG PrJSC - str. Svidnytskyi
No. 13 st. Zinchashi - st. O. Oksanchenko (across Petrivska St.)
No. 16 subsidiary farm of PJSC "Mirhorodkurort" BPKG – Pochaptsi microdistrict
No. 18 st. Zinchashi - st. Shishatska - Naftomistechko microdistrict - str. Svidnytskyi
No. 21 st. Zinchashi - Mezhraybaza
No. 22 st. Zinchashi - st. Kotlyarevskyi - str. Bagachanska
No. 27 st. O. Oksanchenko - subsidiary farm of PJSC "Mirgorodkurort" BPKG
No. 28 Sanatorium Slava - railway station - st. Svidnytskyi
No. 38 Svidnytskyi – Zinchashi - st. Ukrainian - sanatorium of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
No. 32 st. Svidnytskyi - str. Yerkivska - str. Vanda Vasylevska
No. 36 Stadnya microdistrict - st. Svidnytskyi
No. 37 Penkozavod - st. Zinchashi

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