Myrhorod puddle

Gogol Street, 120
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The famous "Myrhorod puddle", sung by M. V. Gogol, has survived to this day in the center of the city of Myrhorod. Gogol mentioned the Myrhorod puddle in the work "How Ivan Ivanovich quarreled with Ivan Nikiforovych": "... a puddle, an amazing puddle! the only one that only you managed to see!" During Mykola Vasyliovych's time, the puddle occupied the entire city center, turning into a swamp in the summer.
In the early 1900s, the city's residents drained the area on their own, reclaiming the center for development from the puddles. The modern pond "Myrhorod Puddle" attracts swans and ornamental ducks, which many Myrhorod residents and guests come to feed.
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