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Myrhorod Oil Company LLC is a manufacturer of natural grocery products under the Myrhorod Product brand. The company is constantly expanding and updating its product line. Since the establishment of production of the first product in 2015, vegetable oil, the range of products has increased significantly: the company currently produces table mustard, horseradish with beetroot, spelled flour, sunflower oil, aqueous solution of vinegar, fuel briquettes, sunflower cake.
The commitment of the management to the ideas of healthy eating allows us to produce natural products that are in demand and very tasty to customers. The products of the trademark "Myrhorod product" meet the food quality standards of Ukraine.
The company restores the traditional Ukrainian recipe, at the same time, the latest trends in the consumption of vegetarian and natural food encourage the development of products that satisfy the demand of a new market segment. The company provides people with the opportunity to diversify the taste of dishes at affordable prices.

The production is located in the Myrhorod region - a resort and ecologically clean region of Ukraine, which is known for its mineral springs. Ecologically clean raw material base of the region is one of the powerful advantages of our products.
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