Museum of the resort “Myrgorod”

St. Gogol, 112
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The People's Museum of the History of the Myrhorod Resort was opened in 1998 on the second floor of a separate building on the territory of the San. "Horol". The exposition is dedicated to the history of the health resort and its founder, the zemstvo doctor I. Zubkovsky, who was the first to evaluate the healing properties of the Myrhorodska mineral water back in 1914. This happened after, on the initiative of the city administration, drilling of an artesian well was started in Myrhorod to provide the city with drinking water. The brackish water from the spring was deemed unsuitable for drinking, but Zubkovsky sent samples for analysis, and it turned out that the chemical composition and properties of the water are similar to the healing mineral waters of the springs of Baden-Baden and Aachen.
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