Monument-bust of T.G. Shevchenko

Khomutets village, Tsentralna street, 51
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T.G. Shevchenko loved the Myrhorod region. He was here at least 5 times, called Myrhorod "famous", "God-saved", "blessed city". From the memoirs of Yefrosinia Mykhailivna Korobka, (1909 – 2000), the wife of one of the descendants of the Cossack Korobka, in whose house (Myrhorod, Shevchenko St., No. 6/2) Shevchenko lived during his visits to Myrhorod: Shevchenko visited the villages of Khomutets, Mali Sorochyntsi , Comishna. He brought his drawings from there. In 2004, in honor of Veliky Kobzar's visit to Khomutets, a bust monument was erected and opened at the expense of the village council.
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