Mass grave of victims of fascism “Mourning Mother”

A. Karbana street
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The author of the monument is sculptor Yulii Senkevich, architect V.G. Chopenko
On October 8, 1941, a mass shooting of the civilian population of Myrhorod took place near this place. They were driven in a column almost through the entire city - city activists, wounded Red Army soldiers, prisoners of war and ordinary citizens. The vast majority of the column - Myrhorod Jews, old men, women, children. 294 surnames of adults are documented, but along with many others: Yurkovska and five children, Tendler and four children, Slobodina and a child are listed. There is an opinion that Mykola Lemyk, a Ukrainian political figure, the perpetrator of the assassination of Oleksiy Mailov (Secretary of the USSR Consulate in Lviv) in 1933, the regional leader of the OUN in the eastern Ukrainian lands, was also shot here along with everyone else. It is known for certain that in October 1941 in Myrhorod, the Gestapo arrested and executed Mykola Lemyk,
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