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Vacationing in nature with friends is a great way to spend time, when you can talk to each other a lot and spend time in the fresh air!
Gazebos in the city of Myrhorod are presented to your attention. You can accommodate a large or small company in our comfortable and convenient gazebos and hide in comfort from the wind, rain or snow!
The gazebos have lighting and sockets. Firewood and a skewer are included in the rental price. A refrigerator can be connected for a separate fee.
Several types of gazebos are presented to your attention:

1. Large gazebos. They are designed for 20 people each, depending on the size, they can accommodate 25 people. There are 2 LARGE gazebos in total.
2. Small gazebos. They accommodate 8-12 people each. There are only 3 small gazebos: two are located between two large gazebos and one is on the river bank closer to the Assol ship.
3. A large insulated gazebo with a fireplace is our new product! It accommodates 40 people! Insulated ARROW WITH A FIREPLACE for cool seasons! This is a great option for spending time in any weather conditions. The wooden gazebo is very comfortable and cozy, and the fireplace-barbecue, in turn, adds a wonderful atmosphere of family home warmth!

We value and respect our customers and want to be the best for you every day!
We will be happy for everyone! Are waiting for you!
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